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Resource: how to bulk resize images with Irfanview (resize multiple files)

  1. Download and install Irfanview (“One of the most popular viewers worldwide.”)
  2. Go to the folder that contains the photos you want to resize.
  3. Open one of the photos in Irfanview.
  4. Click File > Batch Conversion / Rename
  5. Select all the photos you want to resize from the selection pane on the right and click “Add.”
  6. Make sure “Use advanced options (for bulk resize…)” is checked.
  7. Click “Advanced”
  8. Don’t be put off by all the options. Make sure RESIZE is checked, then set the width (under “Set one or both sides to…”) to whatever you want. 1080 pixels will probably bring your file size below a megabyte, 800 pixels is smaller still. Leave everything else.
  9. Click on the batch rename settings. Chose $N to overwrite your original files. Add something like ” – small ” to keep your original files and get resized duplicates with ” – small ” added to their file names.
  10. Choose the output folder
  11. Click start batch… and you’re done.

12. Let me know if this works for you – or any hiccups you have. I’ve just been through the process myself and recorded this largely for my own future reference.

Irfan view is great, powerful, compact (under 5mb) and free.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...