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Podcast recommendation: Dolly Parton’s America

Christine De Carvalho – from Dolly Parton’s America: Neon Moss

I came across Dolly Parton’s America in a list of the best podcasts of 2019, and it’s been sitting in my podcast player unopened for the last few months. I started listening on a whim at the weekend, and now find myself six episodes in. It’s a fantastic show.

If you…

  • Are vaguely interested in country music or Dolly Parton
  • Are interested in music or art in general
  • Are interested in people and social change
  • Like well written, well produced podcasts
  • Are none of the above

… then I highly, highly recommended checking this out. It’s fascinating, quite moving at times, and very entertaining.

I’ve become a Dolly Parton and Jad Abumrad fan.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...