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Podcast recommendation: Boss Talk and The Long Now

Boss Talk with Ben Horowitz and Ali Ghodsi

This is a recording of an hour long chat on Clubhouse about the reality of managing a company and recruiting… the companies in question are orders of magnitude larger than most companies, let alone non-profits – but their perspective on things like hiring, incentives and company culture are thought provoking and worth listening to. The episode begins with a really interesting description from Ali Ghodsi of living through the Iranian revolution and moving to the U.S. via a rough neighbourhood in Sweden…

Listen to it here.

Peter Leyden: The Future History of the World 02020 to 02050

The Long Now podcast has had some cracking speakers. This is an interesting – and optimistic – piece of “speculative journalism” in which Leyden suggests that future historians may come to view the period from 1980 to 2050 as a period of change and economic boom comparable to – and perhaps surpassing – The Enlightenment… “If we solve climate change.” He extrapolates trends and asks how they’ll come together to bring about “The Transformation.”

Listen to it here.

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