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Michael Seibel (2): On Digital Technology and Physical Products

This video from UC Berkeley’s entrepreneurship class is an entertaining take on building successful companies (read: organisations) that work. Y Combinator’s Michael Seibel is nice and blunt.

On (Digital) Technology* as Central

My opinion is that no successful company over the next hundred years is not going leverage technology as a core tool.

And so if you are not interested in leveraging technology, even for a physical product – perfect example, Peleton, agressively physical product, agressive leverager of software – if you’re not willing to leverage software in your physical product, the company who will will kill you.

Software is like electricity. There was a moment in America where if you said, “I’m not going to use electricity in my business,” people were like “Okay yeah, whatever, it’s a free world, choose what you want to do.” There was a point probably thirty years later where if you said that, people would look at you like you were crazy. It’s the same thing for software.

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