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John Mark Comer on the ruthless elimination of hurry

As I’ve worked on reading lists and goals for 2020, I’ve been mulling over the shape of (my part in) a flourishing, generous and sustainable life for my family, neighbours and colleagues for the year ahead. This podcast/sermon and its sequels were recommended by a friend at just the right time, and struck a chord with me. You may find it helpful too.

John Mark Comer has read widely and “thought well” on this, speaks eloquently and persuasively – and it’s a fun listen too. Recommend.

Merton called hurry “a pervasive form of contemporary violence,” because it kills relationships. It kills compassion. It kills wisdom – I mean, to take time with the complexity of a globalized world and a nation like ours, to think well and to actually climb into the reality and the complexity of the issues – that just takes a lot of time. Most of us don’t have time for that. It’s “Like / Dislike”, on, do the next thing, go.

It kills wisdom. It kills compassion. It kills love.

John Mark ComerThe Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (Bridgetown Audio)

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