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Ira Glass on the skill – taste gap (2): Do it now

When asked at an event if he had more to add on the skill – taste gap:

I don’t know… That was something that I said sort of spontaneously in an interview that became more famous than my actual work, weirdly. The main thing I would say to somebody who’s looking to do creative work is “Just do it now.” … Don’t wait.

It’s so hard to make anything, that it’s so easy to put it off: “When I get the right financing,” “When I find the right this or that.” And I just feel like, just start making it now.

One of the great things about this moment in our culture is that it’s never been easier to make something. The technology’s never been cheaper, and honestly there’s a way that you can get the thing out to people, you can get your stuff out on the internet and get an audience and do a small version so as to get yourself enough backing to do the big version.

… We live in a very dark time in a lot of ways, but the one place where things are going great is that if you want to do creative work, if you have something you want to make, you can actually make some version of it and get it to people. Just don’t wait… just make the thing. Make a version, and then make it better, and then make it better.

Ira Glass – interview at SXSW 2016

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