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“If you think you saw a mouse, you did,” and other advice from Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly celebrated his birthday this year by sharing more pithy wisdom. Most of his nuggets of advice are great. These are my favourites:

– If you have any doubt at all about being able to carry a load in one trip, do yourself a huge favor and make two trips.

– It’s not an apology if it comes with an excuse. It is not a compliment if it comes with a request

– Learn how to tie a bowline knot. Practice in the dark. With one hand. For the rest of your life you’ll use this knot more times than you would ever believe.

– A balcony or porch needs to be at least 6 feet (2m) deep or it won’t be used.

– Be strict with yourself and forgiving of others. The reverse is hell for everyone.

– Bad things can happen fast, but almost all good things happen slowly.

– A problem that can be solved with money is not really a problem.

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In keeping with this theme, I’d love to hear advice from you – what’s the best advice that you have to give?

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