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First from the source, then from the sides: Seth Godin on how change happens

Your wishes are pure, the change is important, and it’s going to make things better.

And you probably believe that things would be better if everyone got on board. But everyone won’t.

Everyone won’t hear you. They won’t understand you. And most of all, they won’t act.

Sooner or later, the culture changes. But not because you brought everyone an idea: because their friends and colleagues and family did.

That’s how widespread change always happens: first, from the source. But mostly, from the sides.

How is it possible for three cowboys to herd a thousand cattle?

Easy – they don’t. They heard ten cattle. And those cattle influence fifty cattle. And those cattle influence the rest.

That’s the way every single widespread product, movement, service, has changed the world. And so we ignore the others.

First, find ten. Ten people who care enough about your work to enroll in the journey, and then to bring others along.

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