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DriverlessCrocodile ping-pong: five questions, ten minutes (v0.1)

Here’s a set of quickfire questions you might enjoy answering:

  1. Introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do, and why is it important?
  2. What’s your most valuable skill?
  3. Describe a tool, technique or practice that makes a difference to your work.
  4. What advice do you most need to hear?
  5. Suggest an endearing and humorous question for question number five – and answer it.

One last thing

Suggest one or two people you know whose answers you’d like to read, and who you think would enjoy answering.

2 thoughts on “DriverlessCrocodile ping-pong: five questions, ten minutes (v0.1)”

    1. Great idea! You have to go first to get the right to recommend… Send me yours via email and I’ll do Tim next!

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