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What is Driverless Croc?

If all goes well Driverless Crocodile will develop into a kind of Swiss army knife of tools for getting things done and making change happen.

In each post I’ll share an idea or resource that I’ve found helpful in my work and which I hope you might find helpful in yours. I’ll tell you the idea and maybe a story or example, and point you to resources – free and not – that will take you further. I’ll always hat-tip (if not pay full-blown tribute to) the people who shared the ideas in the first place – feel free to point it out if I don’t, and I’ll fix it.

The whole thing will probably be most useful to people who are working for change of some sort (but then again, who isn’t?), and especially if you’re working across cultures, or in a field like community development or education: many of my examples come from six years of experience working with small charities in Indonesia.

But whatever kind of work you do – a personal project, your own or someone else’s business, a small community group or large institution, for or non-profit – here it is. From me, for you. I hope you find it helpful and that if you do, you’ll share it with someone else.

Cheers for now,

Stuart Patience


I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...