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Vitalstatistix: 5000+

Yesterday (7th May 2020) DriverlessCroc hit 5,002 views, not counting views via email or from RSS readers.

The last thousand views (from 3,000 views on 14th November 2019 to 4,000 views on 25th February 2020) took 103 days at 9.7 views per day.

The most recent thousand took 73 days at 13.7 views per day.

In November I speculated that we might reach 5,000 posts “by the end of April”, and I’m delighted to have come so close.

In my mind the next step up would be about 20 views per day, but I have a feeling that it will take a while to sustain that volume.

So that’s the state of the nation – thanks for coming!

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