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The Big 1000

On 18th February 2021 I hit 1,000 posts on DriverlessCrocodile, more than 230,000 words. I’ve done plenty of commentary on visitors and traffic before (e.g. here), so I’ll stick to commenting on the process.

  • The practice of posting something every day has been a great forcing function for sifting what I’m thinking about / reading / listening to and finding something worth sharing.
  • Sharing doesn’t necessarily mean remembering, but I’m confident I’ve thought and remembered more than I otherwise would have.
  • It’s been a useful scrapbook style reference for my own use as well as a tool for sharing ideas and resources with others.
  • I’m not sure if my writing has improved, but writing has definitely become easier. Spending about 20 minutes a day writing, whatever happens, has become normal.
  • Setting the bar low and just shipping have made me far less self-conscious about writing.
  • Posting things online, on a channel I own, has become easy and automat(t)ic. WordPress and the plumbing if the internet are far less intimidating, even if I haven’t learnt to code beyond some basic HTML and CSS.
  • The “quality as function of quality” argument has been borne out: I’m confident that I’ve shipped far more decent posts that I would have if I wasn’t posting every day, even if half of my posts are below average.
  • The question on my mind is whether the average would be higher if I shipped less often. Would I have made more progress with the DriverlessBookadile if I’d slowed down and posted fewer, better quality posts?

Coming up

The DC to do list includes:

  • Some kind of review of those 230,000 words, and an update to the Greatest Hits page;
  • A long overview revision of the categories, which is a bit technical (apparently if it’s not done right, DC will effectively disappear from Google);
  • Summary posts / DriverlessBookadile / some kind of structure and way in to the site beyond the month-by-month archive.
  • Add a forum, in case anyone wants to talk about anything.

That’s all for now – thanks for coming, and thanks for sticking around.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...