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A strategy of usefulness

Be 1) as useful as you can be,* 2) as often as you can be,** 3) to the people you want to be of use to.***


At DriverlessCroc, I post 1) something that might be useful,**** 2) daily,***** 3) for people interested in building effective and humane organisations for change.******

There aren’t usually this many footnotes.

There will not be something amazingly helpful for most people every day, but I hope there is – consistently, reliably – something useful or thought provoking at least three times a week.


Consistently, reliably…

Those who like this sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they like.

Artemus Ward

*Sometimes, this will mean “Exceedingly useful.” Sometimes it will mean “Very useful.” At other times it might be “Somewhat.” Aim high, but don’t die – if you kill yourself in the process you cease to be useful at all.

**This will vary from “Hourly/all the time,” (Google) to “From time to time,” (the cafe you visit from time to time) – depending on what you do (and especially the extent to which you need to bespoke work, in person) and who you do it for.

***Always remembering rule number one: it’s not for everyone.

****I include “interesting or thought-provoking” in my definition of usefulness

*****Today is day 632 and post 691.

******That is, for those who reject the premise that people working in effective organisations need to become driverless crocodiles to do good work – and in fact believe the opposite

3 thoughts on “A strategy of usefulness”

  1. Certainly a very consistent and reliable blog – with most days something useful and nearly always thought provoking. Thank you 🙂

  2. This is great Stu, thanks. The value of consistency is so important and you are modelling that. We so often start things and don’t keep going. Thank you!

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