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This ‘metaCroc’ post is part of a series recording the growth (or shrinkage) of DriverlessCrocodile in the spirit of experiment and transparency.

DC hit 15,000 all time views yesterday, 8th January 2021.

The last 5k went like this:

10k views reached on 23rd September 2020
11k on October 14th 2020 (21 days, average 47.6 views/day)
12k on November 8th 2020 (25 days, average 40 views/day)
13k on Nov 24th (16 days, average 62 views/day)
14k on Dec 14th (20 days, average 50 views/day)
15k on Jan 8th (25 days, average 40 views/day)

So the last 5,000 views took 107 days, an average of 46.7 views/day), compared to 659 days for the first 5k (18th July 2018 to 7 May 2020, average 7.6 views/day) and 139 days for the second (to September 23rd 2020, average 36 views/day) – this included a ‘Tyler Cowen spike’, when I had 750ish views in a single day thanks to a retweet about this post on reading.

In summary: I’m delighted by this acceleration, despite a slightly slower-than-hoped-for end to the year. There’s been plenty to be distracted about, and things slowed down a bit around the end or start of the year in 2018 and 2019 too.

Onwards and upwards for 2021!

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