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Non-Marginal: The Tyler Cowen Effect

In Case You Were Wondering

What is a link on Marginal Revolution worth to a small blog? Something like this.

Niche Species

DriverlessCrocodile is a small blog. 30 page views is a slow day; 100+ is busy. 50 people subscribe.

If you’re reading, and you like this sort of thing, then it’s for you. But to a large extent it’s the conversation I want to have with myself.

Hit Man; Or, The Day I Won the Internet*

Imagine my delight waking up on the 14th of September to discover that DC had had 4,000+ page views and climbing.

This post quoting Tyler Cowen on reading had bounced around twitter a bit before being picked up by Tyler and shared on Marginal Revolution… which led to more tweets, and links in various newsletters and blogs. By the end of the day I’d had 14,000+ page views.

All in, the plain text link to “5. Excerpts from me on how to read.” (link 5 out of 7 shared that day) has brought this small blog about 12,000 visits and 25,000 page views.

So now you know.

Oh, Then You Come Down

I’ve waited to post about this till now so I could share about what happened next.

I did not become famous. I did not make money.** You can see above that it took about ten weeks for traffic to return to more-or-less normal, with 30 new subscribers and several new interesting correspondents.

I was having fun before it happened; I had fun while it happened; I’m having fun now. Thanks for coming!

*Relatively speaking.
**DC is a friend catcher, not a money making venture.

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