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I love WhatsApp voice messages. Through the wonder of the voice message (and especially after the introduction of the wonderful voice-record lock) I have better conversations with more of my friends – many of whom I only rarely catch face-to-face – than I have done for a while.

Asynchronous or semi-synchronous (those flurries of messages back and forth in almost-real-time) messages are far easier to fit into your day, especially across timezones.

So here’s the question: what about a semi-synchronous WhatsAppterview (you heard it hear first)?

In the spirit of do it now, I’m going to try. Watch this space.


  • Will a normal phone mic straight into whatsapp produce ‘good enough’ quality?
  • Will the conversation flow?
  • Will I die stitching it together?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...