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Seasons are a great tool for starting and ending well. They allow low-stakes launches and clean breaks. They make intensity easier by allowing fallow time and regeneration.

Seasons make it clear where you’re going, and for how long: “Season one will be six episodes, then we’ll have a fortnight off.”

Seasons make it easy for people to get off the train, and for making sure those that who stay on are committed: “We’ll do a month’s worth of meetings without fail – then everyone who wants to continue can re-register.”

And seasons often develop their own character: particular combinations of people; emerging themes; clusters of lessons learned. We remember them more vividly than endless, dusty summers; they season our lives.

1 thought on “Seasons”

  1. I like seasons because with them there is variety. And if there are non-repeating seasons to speak of, maybe life itself has this character. Iā€™m reminded of a saying that ā€œ the only constant is change. ā€œ

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