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Design Matters (2): badly designed Android Bluetooth menu

I generally think the design of Android is good. Few things bother me, I can almost always find what I’m looking for, and it all looks and works far better than I could ever hope to do myself (thank you Google).

With that as context, this horrifically bad piece of design in the Bluetooth menu in Android 10 has been really been irritating me.

When I open the Bluetooth menu it shows me 3 previously connected devices and a large amount of empty real estate:

Android Bluetooth menu showing three previously connected devices

When I click “See all” to get to the device I want, which has invariably dropped off the top three, I see five items… and plenty of empty real estate.

Expanded Android Bluetooth menu, showing five options and plenty of blank space

Why do I have to press that extra button? Why can’t I see the whole list – or just flick down to the bottom of a longer list on the same page? If someone can tell me a good reason, I’ll add it here as a correction… with the footnote that if there was a good reason, good design would somehow make that reason obvious to me so that I felt happy about all the extra clicking I’m doing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...