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Bread and butter: unbundling complex products

There is a place (a big place!) for custom work – people pay more to get difficult jobs done well, and the craft required gives you an opportunity to do work that people will notice and “cross the street for.”

But if everything you do is complex and nuanced, such that every quote is a custom quote, and every sale involves custom work, you might find it hard to reach the volume you’d like to have.

So here’s the question of the day:

Is there part of what you do that you can “break off” to make an offering that is simple, easy to describe, and easy to provide, such that someone who doesn’t have your level of skill, or insight, or experience – or all three – can offer to a hundred people and sell to twenty of them for a relatively low price while you’re busy working on the ones and twos?

  • What’s the product?
  • What will it take to “break it off”?
  • What’s the wrapper of tools and training that your team will need before they can go to work selling it?
  • What things about this “bread and butter” offering is going to make people want to come back for soup and steak?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...