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Eye on AI: Ice Ice Matrix; ABBAtars

You may be convinced we somehow assembled the original cast of The Matrix along side the ghost of Wilford Brimley to record one of the greatest rap covers of all time. On the other hand, you may find it more believable that we’ve been experimenting with AI voice trainers and lip flap technology in a way that will eventually open up some new doors for how we make videos.


Here’s the video, in which characters from The Matrix “sing” 90s rap classic Ice Ice Baby in their own voices. It’s not all perfect, but most of it is really good. The point is that the modified video and voices were generated using AI / machine learning tools (I’m not sure which model they used), making something that would previously have taken hundreds or thousands of hours of effects work in much less time.

ABBA Voyage

In tangentially related news, I’ve recently heard reviews of ABBA Voyage – the ‘live’ concert featuring a virtual ABBA – first hand from two sets of friends. They couldn’t tell that the band wasn’t real, despite knowing that the ABBA that they were watching were computer generated. The ‘holographic’ performance uses a 65-million pixel LCD in a custom-built arena with an incredible light show – more here from Music Radar, and a video clip below.

Thank you for the music

The question is, what possibilities open up when the generative AI of Ice Ice Matrix interacts with shows like ABBA these?

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