Setting the bar high

You’ve got to set the bar high too.

Set the bar high in the big, important things:

  • What am I working for?
  • Who am I working for?
  • How can I make things better… now?
  • What fruit will this produce in a day, a year, ten years from now?
  • How do I treat the people who have the least in each equation that I or my organisation are part of?
  • If someone joined all the dots of what we do, what picture would they get?

And of course, a great way to clear a high bar is to clear a whole lot of low ones on your way…

A small thing that might be useful

Here’s a small thing that might be useful: a link (or better, if I can manage it, an embedded video) from Derek Sivers about getting on with making small things that might be useful to someone and that they’ll actually pay for for, as opposed to waiting for the chance (i.e. money) to build something huge and tremendous.

This blog post falls into this category – it’s small, but it’s what I can do. It’s very useful, and it isn’t free – you’re paying attention. Hope you like it.

Okay, I can’t embed the video (issues with new wordpress editor?) It’s here.

No wait! Maybe I can embed the video…

Who is it for?

This is a lesson that I’ve been learning slowly, and for a long time.

When presenting to a group or leading a training it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on your own performance: Am I looking good? Am I doing well?

It’s also easy to focus on what you want to get from the people you’re working with – even if it’s just convincing them that you’re great at what you do… Or getting your kid to finish their homework so that you can tick a parenting box.

I’ve found it liberating to bear in mind – during preparation and ‘performance’ – that the thing I’m doing is for them, or for us, but never just for me.

What do I hope the people I am meeting will take away from this time that will help them?

What do I think the group I’m training needs to hear, and how can I communicate it so that they’re open to hearing it?

Even donors are looking for something: someone they can trust with their generosity. Confidence that their gift will have an impact. A story about themselves or their brand.

This is something that some people just get, and others (like me) find hard to do.

But when I focus on what will help the people in front of me I’m far more able to relax, and connect, to have fun – and the better we all do.