Seth Godin on the gift of fundraising

Let’s say you were head of fundraising for a cause you really care about. Whether it’s buildings on campus, or the ACLU, or anything in-between. Clearly, free is not an option, because then it’s not a donation anymore. Why would someone give $100,000 to have a building named after them? Is it rude to ask a billionaire to spend $100,000…

Hands up

The majority of work we do is routine – it’s been done before, we know how to do it, and sooner or later it will become part of someone’s job description. But there are plenty of moments when something new comes up: “We need X done – who can do it?” Another way of asking the question is “Who will…

The Life You Can Save

Singer’s work triggered the Effective Altruism movement, and his hugely influential book is now available as a free download in multiple formats – and as an audiobook – at I’m adding it to my reading list. This interview on The Ezra Klein show is a good place to start.

Resource: Drucker Foundation Resource Library (for non-profit management)

I’ve just discovered this. The library contains a load of readings and videos on: Boards Customer-Centered Design Innovation Leadership Mission Planned Abandonment Results Strategy Definitely worth checking out.

The Toolkit – Part 1: Foundations (6) – from vision to mission

This post is part of the working draft of the DriverlessCrocodile Toolkit (read more here). I’d love comments, links to resources related to the theme, and original contributions. From vision to mission If a vision statement is a statement about ends (the world you’re working to make a reality), a mission statement is about means: what are the primary activities…