While the tea is hot

Here’s a workflow for the next time you can’t face a mundane / boring / difficult task: Prepare your workspace / turn on your computer Make a cup of tea Commit to doing the job for as long as the tea lasts, or as long as it’s hot You’ll probably stay longer than you think. See also: James Clear’s Temptation…

Paul Graham on doing great work

The distinctive thing about people who do great work is not that they spend every waking hour working on things that matter. It’s that they consistently spend two or three or four hours a day working on things that matter, rather than zero. Paul Graham – tweeted here Even an hour or two – consistently – makes a difference.

Horse to water

If a horse is thirsty, if they know that water will help, and if they trust you, then all you need to say is “There’s water over there,” and the rest will take care of itself. Nothing is as important as whether people want the change you’re working for, and whether they trust that you can help it happen.