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“If I carry on like this, where will I end up?”

“What will the world be like in a decade if this keeps happening?”

“Things developed like this in lots of other places – are there any signs of the same developments happening here?”

“Will this way of doing things work for our team of four? Would it work if we hit ten? Twenty? A hundred?”*

“What does the ageing population mean for my organisation?”

“If we keep getting bad customers like this, what will it do to our team?”

“What would happen if I stopped doing this for a week? A month? A year? Forever?”

“What happens to me when the best free resources in my area of expertise are available to everyone, in all languages, instantly?”

“Where are each of my team members likely to go next?”

Do you like your trajectory? Do you want to keep it, accelerate, or change direction?

*See also – Project phase, organisation size and specialisation

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