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Short of something

Have you ever been in an organisation that had enough of everything?

  • Enough time
  • Enough resources
  • Enough of the right tools
  • Enough natural light in the workplace
  • Enough skilled and committed people
  • Enough enthusiastic customers
  • Enough supporters and champions
  • Enough excellent suppliers
  • Enough impact
  • Enough relationships of mutual respect and trust
  • Enough leaders
  • Enough good management
  • Enough health and wellbeing
  • Enough of a sustainable future

We are always balancing something, facing trade-offs, feeling the squeeze, frustrated that it’s such a stretch to bring thing together and make things happen consistently, and consistently well.

We can seek to improve the balance. We can use strengths to address weaknesses. But this balancing act is the game. If it was easy, we wouldn’t need you.

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