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On new expertise

We live in the age of the perpetual newbie, as rapid change forces us to keep learning, all the time – or to be left behind.

This represents an opportunity: as diving into the new, we have a chance to catch the wave, to be in the vanguard, to be – relative to our peers and despite our newness – an expert. It’s easier to ride the wave from the beginning than to paddle to catch up with it from behind.

It also represents a vulnerability: catching the right wave takes judgement and timing, skill and fitness, and a it of luck – and we never know for sure how each wave will break, or where each one will peter out.

Some questions to help us deal with this uncertainty, and help us to choose better waves:

  • Where will you get in the water? Is this where you want to be? Who will you be swimming with?
  • Do you want to go where these waves will take you?
  • Do you know how to swim? What kinda of “fitness” and general skills will serve you well whatever you choose to do?

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