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“What can I do to make things better?” (1)

This is a great question, and a big question, a question for which help is available but which ultimately, you need to answer for yourself (the clue is in the “I”).

So I don’t know, specifically, what you can do to make things better, but I do know that asking the question is the first step you need to take towards finding answers.

Practice makes —

The simplest non-answer to the question is: “Become the sort of person who makes things better.” In the smallest, most trivial situations, make it your practice to think about what “better” might look like and then take action to make it a reality.

This might mean making your bed and sweeping the floor and getting getting a move on. It might mean leaving a task undone so that you can slow down and have time for someone.

It might mean moving the thing you’re working on closer to perfection. It’s more likely to mean getting the thing finished.

It will often be something to make things immediately better for you personally, but it will usually also be (directly or indirectly) in the service of others – which is also a way of making things better for you, if only because you’ll feel good for doing the right thing.

Compared to this practice of thought-and-action nothing else matters.

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