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Other hard starts

Loads of things are hard to start:

  • Running doesn’t start feeling good until you’ve done it quite a lot
  • Same goes for swimming
  • Learning to play music (only easy if you hold yourself accountable to the standard of ‘A Tune a Day’ and not Mozart, which is exactly the point)
  • Or learning a new language
  • Asking someone out
  • Developing most skills – yesterday my son played badminton for almost the first time. He went from only-hits-the-shuttlecock-if-he’s-really-lucky to can-serve-and-have-a-hit-around in the space of an hour or two. The difference? A few hundred hits-and-misses

Why should building teams and organisations be any different? It helps to have done it before or if there’s infrastructure you can piggyback on, but every organisation, every team is new, and the world moves on. All of which is to say, context matters a lot, and even if you think you’re solving the same problem, sometimes it isn’t the same any more. The key skills to get better at are learning and communicating.

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