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What’s News? And other stories

Questions for self:

  1. Why do you read the news more than once a day? Will things really have changed since the last time you had an empty moment?
  2. Same again but for sports scores, election results, the price of Bitcoin and even… the number of visits to your blog.

Substitute activities:

  • Mull over whatever it is that you’re taking a break from;
  • Keep eyes (and memory) open for reminders of the quick little jobs you keep forgetting to do;
  • Write that quick message to a friend or family member
  • Concentrate on doing the “unimportant” job in front of you whole-mindedly and well;
  • Let mind drift;
  • Ask yourself what you need to be thinking about;
  • Plan the next move in your campaign for world domination.

Live life and make news (someone’s news) instead of (re-)reading it.

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