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The process

This is the process:

  • Do some work. Just start.
  • Work on it until the excitement of fresh ideas crumbles on contact with reality into the funk of “Why am I even bothering?”
  • Recognise that this is part of the process – and that learning to get through it is quite possibly the key to success. Make something that’s so-so.
  • Edit, polish and reorder whatever you’ve got.

Optional interlude:

  • Show it to someone you trust who has taste in this area.
  • Hope for feedback that makes you wince – if you don’t want direct criticism, don’t ask at all.
  • Be grateful for the discomfort – this is how you get better.
  • Try out the feedback – identify which parts of it will make your work better.
  • Do those things.


  • Keep going.
  • Keep going.
  • Polish and edit.
  • Ask yourself “Would I keep this in if this was half as long?”
  • Change or cut anything you’re not sure about.
  • Polish and edit.
  • Keep going.
  • Keep going.
  • Finish.
  • Share.
  • Start again.

1 thought on “The process”

  1. This is helpful. I’ve experienced those moments where great ideas hit reality. But it really does pay to push through – helpful to hear that this is your experience too.

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