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Making prominence your aim is like building a skyscraper without laying foundations: you might make something tall, but it’s unlikely to last and it will almost certainly cause damage when it collapses.

Rather than trying to stick out from the landscape on your own, far better to aim at lifting those around you and be happily surprised if you end up as a high-point on an interesting hill, held up by others and holding them up in turn.

Mountains have long histories and relationships and contribution take time. The only prominence worth having is a side effect of the slow geology of generous relationships.

2 thoughts on “Prominence”

  1. I’ve been tempted to try and gather an audience and yet far better to live out your story. If you end up with an audience then so be it – but the aim isn’t the audience per se. I like your twist on this with the picture of holding one another up

    1. Glad you like it! And it’s true about living out your story (and telling it in the right ways?) vs gathering an audience … you could write a post on that!

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