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New challenge, old challenge

I am pretty good at new challenges. Most of the time, I rise to them. I enjoy novelty. I like a challenge. It’s stimulating, creative work, and progress is rapid.

I’m not so good at challenges that go on longer than I think they should – long enough that the the return on my effort starts to diminish, or that the original problems start to recur.*

I think the way forward is to:

  1. Recognise that the world is like this – most of the important challenges (relationships, for one) – don’t stay new, need maintenance, and are worth time in the “practice school.”
  2. Recognise that we are like this – novelty is fun, it isn’t a crime to get bored, and we need to find ways to stay fresh.
  3. Find. And. Befriend. Gifted. Administrators. – who will surf the recurring problems that threaten to drown you and free you to chase the Generative New.

*A sign they haven’t been properly solved in the first place.

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