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Clean-up vs Prep

… are more or less the same thing, but they feel different.

Clean-up is orientated towards the past, while preparation looks to the future.

Clean-up is the drudge work, while preparation is setting the stage for the next thing.

Clean-up means “I’ve finished.” Preparation means “I’m ready.”

Your office. Your kitchen. Your car. Your living room. Your sports kit. Your towel folded next to the shower. Your bed.

Not just-enough or sort-of-tidy, but ready-to-go and easy-perhaps-even-a-pleasure-to-use.

2 thoughts on “Clean-up vs Prep”

  1. Reminds me of the Scout motto, ‘Be prepared’. Or, when I arrive home exhausted at the end of the day, do I drive straight in and get indoors as soon as possible, or do I reverse along the drive so that I am ready for immediate action the next day?

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