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Themed days: Product. Management. Strategy.

I’ve been trying this approach – advocated by my wife but also by Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk – to managing my weeks recently, and it seems to be working.

Trying to keep moving forward on multiple fronts is draining, and you often discover that a key priority has been neglected in favour of the latest emergency.

Theming the days of your week is an antidote to this. The idea is simple: choose a few key themes (the three in the title are probably the bare minimum) and make each of them the focus of a particular day.

Product is anything that customers experience.

Management is all the internal infrastructure that makes the product possible – money, people, policies and processes.

Strategy is the stuff that helps your organisation get better at what it does: building new relationships; finding new people (especially board members) and resources who will help you get better; thinking of new ways to do what you do.

Each day will have its emails to reply to and crises to handle, but if you can manage two hours of focused work on the theme of the day, you’ll be able to go home in the knowledge that you’ve moved things forward on something that matters.

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