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Orders of magnitude / next size up

There are lots of things that are easy enough to do once.

Doing the same thing a second time can be almost as big a step: you’ll have learned some useful lessons the first time round but might also have used up non-renewable resources (available time, money, enthusiasm) or discover that you’ve picked the lowest-hanging fruit.

If you’re serious about doubling again – or looking at 10 or 100x – you’re probably going to need to do things differently.

  • Where are the economies of scale?
  • Where are the network effects? (What would make it sticker? What would make it viral?)
  • Who else could drive this with you?
  • Which parts could someone else do for you?
  • How could this pay for itself?
  • Where do you make your biggest contribution?
  • What will keep you focused and help you stay fresh and enthusiastic?
  • What systems will you need in place to handle the next order of magnitude? Start putting them in place now.

There are endless things to work on and worry about. A good rule of thumb is to focus on the next step up, if for no other reason than that things will have changed a lot by the time you get there.

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