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The assumption that underpins all of your work

… is that people can change, and that things can get better.

If you didn’t believe this already you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

The question is, do you act as if it’s true?

  • Which areas of your own life and skill set do you turn a blind eye to: “I can grow in these areas, but I’m just not an X person”?
  • Which people do you – consciously or not – treat as if they can’t change?

One of the keys for unlocking growth and learning in yourself and others is taking firm hold of the believe that growth and learning are possible for anyone – and helping others to see this too.

We also need to recognise that change – especially in habits and ways of thinking – is often slow, hard work. It’s slow, hard work in our own lives, let alone in the lives of the people we serve – our students, children, friends, clients. We don’t change unless we (or they) recognise our need for change and have a will to make it happen (this may take a “Holy Sh!t Moment“).

It helps to recognise that rather than being a sign of stupidity, struggle is often a sign of opportunity. It’s precisely in the struggle – and in persevering, and finding a way – that we do our most valuable learning.

This makes perseverance and tenacity incredibly valuable learning tools. In the absence of a motivating crisis, you may find it helps to learn with others, and for others (in the sense of service, not approval.)

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