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Educated (3): things to do

Just a list of the sorts of things that I find to be / create stimulating or “high learning” environments (is there a better term for this?).

  • Interact with an AI – even if not the latest – in a text based adventure game
  • Subscribe to a newsletter (this one? this one? this one?)
  • Start a newsletter
  • Specialise in cooking a new cuisine
  • Take up a new (contact?) sport
  • Make a podcast
  • Grow some food
  • or some flowers
  • Write until you get something published (by someone else)
  • Write to someone you don’t know to ask them a question
  • Design and build something with Lego by ordering the bricks you need
  • Attend a lecture or seminar outside your area of expertise
  • Explore a city not your own
  • Try skateboarding as an adult
  • Or a history not your own
  • Repair something
  • Find a new author or genre that interests you and read all their stuff (or the key texts)
  • Or a film director
  • Or a musician
  • Do some foraging for wild food
  • Or just learn to identify some trees
  • Write down everything you know about a topic
  • Find a collaborator for something
  • Refresh your knowledge of knots
  • Find ways to get and give feedback on something you do – and act on it
  • Read an old book
  • Do a course in something new
  • Invent a game
  • Build something (think wood, bricks, ceramic, metal)
  • Learn about electronics with Arduino or equivalent
  • Learn to program with Think Python
  • Do something musical – on a physical instrument or in an app
  • Perform something publicly
  • Try out a new tool (any kind!) just to get an idea of what it’s for, how it works, and what’s possible
  • Have a conversation with someone from a different place or generation in which you ask them lots of “What is/was it like?”-type questions
  • Read an ancient story
  • Spend half an hour doing nothing (that is, being still and thinking/meditating/praying) once a day for a week

What works for you?

Dive in!

(“Had we but world enough and time, this coyness, lady, were no crime…“)

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...