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Five Questions: Krissie Ducker

1) Introduce yourself: who are you, what do you do, and why is it important?

I’m Krissie Ducker. I am a screenwriter for TV, and one day I’d like to write a film that actually gets made (I’ve written many un-produced movie scripts).

It’s important (for me) because it was my dream to do this, and the fact I actually get paid to work with people I admire and who inspire me makes me joyous at least 35 seconds if not more of each day.

It’s important (for the world) to provide an escape, a fun distraction from the grey that can descend on life. There is so much content being created at the moment and I think it’s a result of people craving connection – and they get that from watching the same show and being able to share it with others, or from watching human connections on screen even if in a heightened environment.

2) What’s your most valuable skill?

Being able to navigate a path to where I wanted to be and not getting distracted from the main goal even if the journey changed. I guess the skill in that was learning to be adaptable.

3) Describe a tool, technique or practice that makes a difference to your work.

Creative vulnerability. I have been in many writers rooms with successful and intimidating brains and I learnt quickly that I should just say everything that comes into my head and not edit myself when it comes to story ideas… yes, some of them are terrible but that terrible idea might spark something in someone else that we end up using. So the initial mortification of the room going silent with my bad idea is ultimately bearable if it’s for the greater good!

4) What advice do you most need to hear?

To have patience. I am always worried about where the next job is coming from because the industry is so crazy – getting a show green-lit and actually made relies on so many people that anything can happen. So patience and keeping faith!

5) Suggest an interesting/humorous/endearing question for question number five – and answer it.

Q: What was the last thing you googled?
A: “How exhausting is it to murder someone with a butter knife?”(Research for a murderous TV show, I assure you!)

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