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Satrijo Tanudjojo on collaboration as skill and commitment

We may be different, but we can work together.

When you leave the community you grew up in you will see differences, especially when you visit other countries or continents. Diversity is the reality of God’s creation – and it is beautiful.

As I’ve moved around the world, lived and worked in ten different environments, with different cultures and religions, and met people who were different, from different disciplines, I learnt an enormous amount.

We may come from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and values. We may look different, speak different languages, and have different ways of eating, for example. But we all must work for the good of humanity.

It’s wonderful when people from different backgrounds come together to learn from one another, complement and enrich each other.

Instead of focusing on our differences, we need to work to complement and complete each other. I would sum this up in a single word: collaboration. This is a skill and a commitment.

Like other skills, we need to practice. We need to get out, get to know those who are different from us, and collaborate with them. It’s through our willingness to collaborate and the experience of collaboration that we become more educated. Collaboration is the essence of life.

Nature teaches us that wind, bees and flowers work together to produce fruit. With diversity we combine our strengths and wisdom to achieve greater things.

We may be different, but we can collaborate.

Satrijo Tanudjojo – Public Lecture as CEO of Global Tanoto Foundation

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