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In a world of billions (Kevin Kelly on 1000 True Fans)

In a world in which you have direct contact with your audience, and you’re not going through the intermediate of a publisher, studio, record label, but you actually have your fans that you’re getting the money directly from… If you could get a certain amount of money from them directly every year, the number that you would need to make a living is in the neighbourhood of thousands.

So a thousand true fans: if you could make $100 from each of your fans a year then that’s a hundred thousand dollars.

In a world of a billion – now that we are global and we have a global system – even if there’s only one in a million people who are interested in your idea, you still have a thousand potential people. You just have to find them.

Kevin Kelly – a16z podcast The Truth about 1000 True Fans + Pricing Our Attention

I’m shocked to discover that I haven’t featured Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans on DC.

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… and you’re done.

Highly recommend.

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