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Saturday Morning at the Playground

Climbing frame, swing, monkey bars, slide

  • Peruse Marginal Revolution, Hacker News and The Guardian. Open some tabs;
  • Skim various things. Read longer article about Seth Curry and his cooperative style of playing basketball in smallest room;
  • Finish Writing and Reading as Technology post about writing and government (coming soon!);
  • Fiddle with post about measurement and treasurement based on Seeing Like a State;
  • Learn a bit more about James C. Scott… discover his Two Cheers for Anarchism and send the free sample to Kindle;
  • Cook pancakes (crepe style this week), listening to a really entertaining interview with Tyler Cowen on culture and commercialisation at The New Bazaar (more on this in a future post);
  • Open tabs about making NFTs. Toy (again) with the idea of making a DC NFT in the shortest possible time this afternoon as a kind of experiment and joke;
  • Open Roger Ebert review of Orson Welles’ Chimes at Midnight and make mental note to view in future;
  • Family pancakes. Consider the fundamental carb-fat-sugar-salt foods: the crepe with butter and sugar; the American-style pancake with butter and maple syrup; the croissant; the paratha; the waffle; the gulab (marginal); … reflect that Asian carb-sweets seem to go lighter on the fat [please consider this a request for information and suggestions].
  • Think about an idea for a bilingual (i.e. mixed) science-fantasy story in Indonesian and English. Of course, these ideas have to be done to matter. The mixed approach is appealing – niche enough that it doesn’t matter if anyone thinks it’s any good, and a way to dance around the embarassment of fixing the inadequacies of my Indonesian in writing;
  • Go to YouTube to listen to Under the Boardwalk get distracted by video of surfing in the Mentawais;
  • Quick diversion to look at the cost of surfing in the Mentawais;
  • Refill coffee. Quick read of nice article about the extinction of obselete objects and the disappearance of the ashtray from (Western) life;
  • Read the introduction to Two Cheers for Anarchism. Download Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal from Project Gutenberg and send to kindle;
  • Settle down to read a chapter of the excellent looking Regression and Other Stories – free! Sort of open-source! Just what I’m after. Plan to do some of the computer work in Python rather than R;
  • Remember that the documentary about Revolution Games that I came across a few months ago is reduced enough on Steam to be worth buying;
  • Receive message from a friend about a trip to the playground. Make comparison to my morning.
  • Write blog post; wonder if I should be reading Don Quixote.
  • Go to Steam.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...