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Podcast Recommendation: two interviews with Raj Chetty

I really enjoyed listening to these two interviews with Raj Chetty. By all accounts (I’m not qualified to judge!) he is a good economist. He also comes across as someone who’s interested in people and working for policies that help actual people in the real world, rather than as an economist only interested in theory and abstraction.

These episodes are interesting in and of themselves, and particularly good as a window into the ways that a thoughtful economist thinks, and for examples of clear – and nuanced, and humane – communication about complex ideas.

Highly recommend.

I’d start with Can Raj Chetty save the American dream? on The Ezra Klein Show from Vox.

Then try

Conversations with Tyler (Cowen): Raj Chetty on Teachers, Social Mobility, and How to Find Answers to Big Questions

I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommended resources...