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Chief Problem Solver

You’re not just the CEO or the CIO … Expand your title to see your role as the CPS – the Chief Problem Solver.

In other words, solving problems isn’t something that you dread, it’s something that you do. It’s who you are.

The honest truth is that anyone can point out a problem… but a leader does something about it. You are a CPS.

Instead of panicking when you hear that there’s a problem, change your mindset because problems are opportunities in disguise. This isn’t just something to tweet, it’s something to embrace.

Think about it: almost every business is a solution to a problem. What is your non-profit? What is your ministry? In most cases, it’s a solution to a problem. You’re providing people with support, you’re giving people answers. You’re meeting needs. Essentially, you’re solving problems.

So we don’t dread, deny, or run away from problems as leaders: we solve them. We are chief problem solvers… the value you bring to your organisation is a reflection of the problems you solve.

Craig Groeschel – Leadership Podcast: Problem Solving Like a Boss, Part 1

How do you feel about the problems your organisation faces?

Whose responsibility are they?

How will you respond?

This is a really helpful episode. Recommend.

Thanks to David for sharing.

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